Some Discussion Questions for The Expatriates

Lots of things to discuss so now, dear reader, for our book discussion questions.janice-y_-k_-lee-807

How did you respond to Lee’s use of the shifting third person narration?  Was it confusing, or did it help you in getting to know each character?  How did this type of narration serve each character?  Did it help you become sympathetic to each one?

How did the author handle the pacing of each narration?  Did you feel her time with each character was about right or would you have preferred that she spend more time (or less) with each character’s viewpoints?  Did you like or not like the main characters?  Was there  one with whom you particularly identified with?

How successful was Lee in depicting the expatriate experience?  Did you find anything surprising about the expat lifestyle?  After reading the book, did you think you would enjoy the lifestyle or would you find it claustrophobic and limiting?  For an active, formerly working woman, how would the notion of being a trailing spouse be defining?  How are the husbands in the book portrayed?  Do they seem three -dimensional?  Is there a way that the husbands might be better represented in the book?

One of the recurring themes in the book was escape.  How did this manifest itself in each of the characters?

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