Queen of the Night- Discussion Questions Part I

And now for some discussion questions for our latest book, Queen of the Night…

Throughout her life we see Lilliet in a variety of personae.  Which of these personalities comes closest to her true self?   Why?

What did you think of the historical portrait of Second Empire Paris?  Would you have liked to live there?  Is it different than you would have thought?  What are some similarities between Belle Epoque Paris and today’s culture?  In what ways does the pervasiveness of technology influence our impression of celebrities or other famous people?

Chee used an opera style format (basing the story roughly on The Magic Flute) to tell Lilliet’s story.  Did you find it too fantastic or was it enjoyable?  Would you have preferred it to be more realistic?  Have you ever read a book similar in style to this one?  What advantages did this format give the author in the telling of the story?  Would you want to read another book written in this style?

Until next time!





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